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Pricing depends on customizations, variations, and delivery. Please contact with dress name for pricing, variations, customizations, measurements, etc.  

SKU: J618T


Please refer to measuring instructions and contact regarding any questions via email, online, or by phone. All orders must include:

  • Style name

  • Size with detailed measurements per chart

  • Color

  • Wear date

    All errors or omissions from customers are the customer’s sole responsibility.

    Incomplete orders or orders with questions will be deemed to be received on the date that all queries have been answered.

    Duplicate orders sent and executed will be the customer’s sole responsibility.

    Cancellations and changes to orders can only be made in writing within 3 days after date of order. Requests after this period will not be accepted. Absolutely no returns or refusals are accepted without written prior authorization from Candice Wu Couture. Inc.

    Any changes or revisions may affect the shipping date.

    Due dates listed on the sales order confirmation or given by Customer Service indicate that the order will be shipped or ready to ship on that day.



  • DELIVERY 16-18 weeks
  • Rush: 8-12 weeks
  • All rush orders are subject to availabil.
  • Rush fee: Bridal $100(US), $125(CAD); Accessories $25(US), $35(CAD))


All orders require a credit card to secure the order.


The company reserves the right to review and change account terms at anytime.

Any and all legal or collections costs that are incurred in curing past due accounts will be the sole responsibility of the customer and will be added to outstanding account balances.

All requests for credit on invoices that are priced incorrectly or contain other invoicing errors should be sent in writing within 30 days of the invoice date.

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